Go By Pedicab

South Waterfront Shuttle

Go By Bike is excited to offer the first free electric pedicab shuttle in the United States. Before covid, OHSU ran a gas powered shuttle bus around South Waterfront. With parking and transit stops spread around South Waterfront being able to quickly and conveniently get around is important. On November 28th, 2022 Go By Bike launched our pedicab shuttle in collaboration with Oregon Health and Science University. The shuttle is free for anyone with an OHSU badge. In the morning we are stationed at the Schnitzer lot and in the evening in front of the aerial tram.

Just ask the operator for a ride and hop on. We are still working out the best ways to serve the community and welcome any feedback. Please email gobybikeshop@gmail.com with any suggestions.

Hire our Pedicab for your events!

Let our Pedicabs ride your around at your wedding or other event. Please email gobybikeshop@gmail.com for more information. Please note that we require at least 2 weeks notice in advance for reservations.

Meet our Pedicab Drivers:

Nicholas – Loves running, hiking & has recently rekindled his love for cycling. He moved to Oregon in August to chase waterfalls & eat his way through all the vegan restaurants & bakeries & ice cream shops in Portland. If you see him riding around on the pedicab, say hi & he’ll give your dog a treat!

Hey! I’m Alby.
A big reason I moved to Portland was the bike culture that was non-existent where I grew up in Reno, Nevada.
Riding and working in the industry has opened up a whole world that has been really good to me. I hope to cultivate this community for a long time to come.
I like to read, exercise and be outdoors in my free time. Come say hi and let’s have a ride with the sunrise.