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On the day you’d like your bike repaired, fill out the form below & bring your bike to the shop. Repairs are handled on a first come-first served basis.

Our mission is to make riding your bike more accessible. Being able to ride your bike to work or to events makes your life better. You are happier, healthier, and more ready to participate in whatever you do after a bike ride.

The original Go By Bike trailer and sign

In 2013 Kiel Johnson bought a camper trailer and spent the summer turning it into a repair shop. After 3 months of repairing bikes under the tram, and after traveling around the Netherlands where bike valets are commonplace, Go By Bike started valeting bikes as well. Every year since the number of people parking their bike at the tram has increased by around 25%. When the tram was first designed it only included 12 bike parking spaces. Today over 300 people on average throughout the year park at the tram. People riding their bike to the tram do not have to worry about anything being stolen from their bike. They can leave their helmet, bag, lights on their bike. We also offer same day repair and fix over 600 bikes a year. The valet is completely free for anyone to use and the bike share is free for anyone with an OHSU email.

We are always looking for new ways and collaborations to get more people riding bikes.

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Happy riding,

-Kiel Johnson

Owner and Founder of Go By Bike