Bike Fun Library

Come by the bike valet during our business hours 6am-8pm Mon-Fri to check out the bike fun system. Currently only one person can check it out at a time. You can check it out for up to 3 days before you must return it to the valet.

Enter your reservation in below. Check the days currently reserved so you do not double book. When you show up to the valet please be patient as we can be busy, especially during the rush hours 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm. Talk to one of the valet attendants who will give you instructions on where to pick up the system. You can select from the library as many things as you would like. Return all the items you checked out fully charged and ready for the next person to use.


Due to the tram closure please go to the Schnitzer Bike Valet location until August 1st to retrieve key to use the bike fun library. Any questions call the Go By Bike phone number. 

Here is our current list of items in the library:

-Burly flatbed trailer

-Monster 3 speaker

-First aid kit

-2 Walkie Talkies


-Bandana and Sashes

Days currently reserved