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Event Parking

Portland is the number one city in North America for riding your bike. When people ride bikes it makes events greener and also frees up more space for people who drive. We can park 30 people in the space of one car. Encouraging people to ride bikes is becoming ever more crucial to the success of events in Portland.

No one knows bikes like we do.
We offer several affordable services to help you make your event bike friendly.

-Bicycle Valet

The Gold Standard in bike parking. People drop off their bike to an attendant who parks the bike in an enclosed area. Riders can leave their helmets, bags, and gear on their bike without fear of theft. Valet tickets can be printed to include logo. Valet can be sponsored and is usually provided as a free service to users. Includes staffing, racks, and placement coordination.


Our new temporary bike racks are easy to transport and install

-Temporary Bicycle Parking Racks (new this summer)

We can deliver and set up our temporary racks that riders can easily lock to.

-Event Bicycle Repair

We can provide free basic bike repair to event goers.


Bicycle Valet

$800 per day up to 200 bikes + $200 for every additional 100 bikes

Temporary Racks (new this summer)

$300 per day for parking for up to 50 bikes – $400 for up to 100 bikes

Event Bicycle Repair

$150 per day $50 if included with valet

Please email us or fill out the form below so we can help make your event more bike friendly!

-Andrew Shaw-Kitch

Go By Bike Event Coordinator