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Kiel (pronounced Kyle) Johnson  – Founder 

Kiel Johnson has parked every kind of bike to roam Portland’s streets. In 2011, he developed the idea Go By Bike based on the question, “how can we make arriving and leaving a place by bicycle the best possible experience”. The company started only offering repairs but in 2012 we expanded to bike valet as well.  The year before the valet started on the nicest day there were 200 bikes parked under the tram. Today it is 600.

In 2011 Kiel was the youngest recipient of the Alice Toeclips award for bicycle advocacy for his work organizing and popularizing the concept of bike trains to increase kids biking to school. Portland has a dream of a 25% bicycle mode share. Kiel has a dream of a 35% bicycle mode share. In his spare time he plays chess, reads the New Yorker cover to cover, sails, drinks good beer, and smokes good pot. He graduated in 2009 from Lewis and Clark College in economics and history. He also has a United Bicycle Insititute certificate in professional bicycle repair.

Saralinka Rejholec – Bike Share Director 


Saralinka is from Colorado where mountain biking and hiking is a frequent hit on the trails around town, connecting paths to the movie theater, mall, food stores, hotels, et cetera. She moved to Portland in autumn of 2007 with curiosity to explore a bigger green town with diverse outdoor activities. She decided that if she successfully commutes daily through a winter (rain) season, she would sell her car at end of the season of 2010. She is car-less and now learning how to travel out of state without a car. Fun Fact: She commuted on rollerblades for three years while attending high school and still enjoys a stroll here and then.

Andrew Shaw-Kitch – Event Director and Morning Mechanic 


In previous lives Andrew has been an elementary school teacher, freelance scholar, dishwasher, sustainability consultant to a world-class restaurant, and author of books on Seinfeld, the sport of bocce, and a series of zines on Portland’s park system. However, all of these endeavors, Andrew realized, did little to help or encourage others to bike more. 

After an eye-opening bike overhaul experience in 2011 under the tutelage of his partner’s dad, Andrew dedicated himself to learning everything about how bikes work, and how to make them work in our day-to-day lives. Having grown up in Monterey County, California Andrew was inspired by biking its coastal paths and the old trails of Fort Ord that host the Sea Otter Classic, but dismayed by its culture of car dependence, leading him naturally to Portland. Andrew has been helping lead Bikes for Humanity PDX since joining its board in 2014, and continues to learn about bikes everyday, preferably while working on them outside, either in a park, his backyard, or at the bottom of the OHSU tram.

Colin Blanton – Afternoon Valet

gobybikepicColin Blanton is an Alabama native. His love of cycling was instilled at an early age, as his father and most of his other family members have been avid cyclers since the early 80’s. After moving to Chicago in 2011, Colin’s love for cycling bloomed even further as he discovered what it was like to reach any location in a massive metropolis via bicycle. Portland’s fertile bike culture has further informed the importance of a bike-centric lifestyle to him, and he plans on being car-less by 2017.