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Kiel (pronounced Kyle) Johnson  - Owner

Kiel believes that to make the world a better place it is going to require a lot more people riding bicycles. He graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2009. When not riding a bike he is sailing at the Willamette Sailing Club, drinking an IPA (the Superdog at the Lucky Lab is his favorite), or planning out the next time he will be doing one of these three things. He has worked for the Portland Bureau of Transportation in the Traffic Safety Program, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance as a Bike Ambassador, and the Safe Routes to School program as a bike train coordinator. Kiel is the current chair of the Safe Routes to School Bike Advisory Council. He rides a Kona Honky Tonk. His closing words to his Alice Award acceptance speech were, “We live in a world that is run by the decisions people made in the past, the future is for us to decide right now. The point of the world is not to find your place in it, the point is to change it!”

He also runs the Lloyd District website

Joseph Sibilia-Young

Joseph began cycling in trailers, and quickly progressed to riding trail-a-bikes and stoking tandems with the cranks adapted for child-length legs. With a father who worked for a cooperative tandem producer and the benefit of Eugene’s friendly streets, he found his independence on a bicycle by the time he reached middle school. At fifteen, Joseph discovered his father’s commuter-converted track bike. With the help of a basement stocked with bike tools, bins of old racing parts, and a bevy of partially-dismantled steel road bikes, he developed mechanical skills and a passion for lugged steel frames, fenders, and friction shifting. A home mechanic who has restored, modernized and rebuilt numerous older frames, he is an avid commuter and has never earned his driver’s license. In college, Joseph volunteered his time at the Lewis & Clark College Bike Room, which allowed him to return many of the community’s bikes to road-worthy condition. In addition to cycling within Portland, he enjoys cycle-touring, backpacking, photography, making and eating good food, and frisbees.

 Lily Karabaic 








Lillian Karabaic thinks bikes are pretty awesome.  In addition to valeting, you can find her brewing coffee for commuters on the Hawthorne Bridge, producing the Bike Portland podcast, sitting on transportation committees, leading the Bowie Vs Prince mobile dance party, planning the world’s only 24-hour library cataloging competition, singing at Timbers games, and traveling across America to give talks about Portland’s bicycle policy. She’s previously worked for Oregon Walks and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. She also serves on the board of Cycle Wild, an organization that reconnects people with nature via the bicycle by leading free bike camping trips throughout Oregon. Her most prized possession is her bright yellow custom Ahearne midtail, Nymphadora.

 Bruce Golla









Bruce Golla has been wrenching on bicycles in the Portland metro area for six years now. A graduate of the Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington, Bruce was a successful amateur road racer in the North West US. After settling in Portland with his two daughters and their mom Bruce has taken a less competitive approach to life. More reading out loud and driving to gymnastics practice and cross country meets than ever before.

Collin Kritz 









Collin was born and raised in the great state of Connecticut where he went to the University of Connecticut for undergrad. After living in Brooklyn for a year and a half, he decided Portland was the only suitable option for valeting bikes. When he’s not at Go By Bike, you can see him around town playing guitar in Snow Roller and taking the bass for a walk around block in Loser Boyfriend.